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Quality Policy

Citi-Box Container Hire and Sales will supply quality goods and services to all of our customers by:

  • Providing a quality service that complies with or exceeds our customers needs
  • Providing a safe working environment for both our employees and for all of our customers
  • Seeking ongoing education and training opportunities to ensure we continue to offer up to date methods and practices to our clients
  • Improving productivity and cost effectiveness through continuous improvement and best practices. To assist in this process we will maintain a comprehensive “Operations Manual” which documents the companies polices and procedures.
  • Encouraging and promoting good communication between our industry and its customers

Environmental Management Policy


The Management and staff at Citi-Box are conscious that issues associated with the transportation, alteration and relocation of containers could impact on the environment. We therefore care is taken to mitigate any risk by:

Working with our contractors to ensure best practice procedures are adopted and that when necessary preventative measures implementing.

We continually review reviewing work practices not only internally but those of our contractors.

Health and Safety Policy

We are committed to a health and safe environment in all areas of our operation.

The Management will at all times:

  • Ensure the health and safety of all staff
  • Protect customers/visitors and others from any harm
  • Protect our property and our customers property from accidental damage
  • Ensure that all accidents and incidents are reported, recorded and investigated
  • Comply with the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 and associated Regulations, amendments and Health and Safety Guidelines.

We will achieve these by:

  • Identifying and controlling hazards
  • Providing information, training and supervision
  • Following accident, reporting, recording and investigation procedures
  • Establishing suitable emergency procedures
  • Ensuring contractors/sub contractors/ visitors are aware of  and comply with the requirements of Citi-Box Containers safety plan
  • Conducting continuous reviews of all work situations where hazards exist

Staff are expected to co-operate in making this business a healthy and safe place to work and therefore must:

  • Observe and practice safe work methods
  • Wear safety equipment provided and ensure it is used correctly
  • Immediately report any unsafe work practices, conditions, or equipment to the supervisor
  • Ensure all practicable steps are taken to ensure their own safety and the safety of others whilst at work.

Privacy Policy

Citi-Box Container Hire and Sales respects your privacy and hates spam as much as you do. We do not pass on your details to anyone else.

A copy of our full Quality Policy, Environmental Management Policy and Health and Safety Policy statements are available on request and forms part of our ‘Best Practices’ vision.


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